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Local Area

One of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world with a history that has always alluded to its political importance and strategic location for governance, Delhi has been the capital of many empires.

It was once situated on ‘Uttarapath’ or the Great Northern Highway, which, in ancient times connected the Mauryan capital city of Pataliputra to Takshashila (Taxila in Pakistan).

What is perhaps most exciting about this city is that its history lies comfortably within the fabric of its modern life with its busy business centres, malls, buildings and ring roads. Monuments from possibly every period of its history stand in casual corners, drawing little attention to themselves. But once you stop a moment, take a deeper look, there is a lot they are willing to reveal.

In Delhi there is a lot to see and do. Our concierge will be pleased to assist you in making the most of your time here by suggesting the best places to visit and the best ways in which to travel, should you choose to explore the city. Meanwhile, here’s a listing of some prominent tourist spots in and around the city.

Local Attractions

Delhi’s many historic sites, its great big city bustle, its wide tree lined roads, in big bright malls its noisy bazaars, Lutyen’s Delhi, Old Delhi and the Delhi that stretches on and on along its ring roads

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Corporate Offices

Delhi, in addition to being the political capital is also the second largest commercial centre in South Asia after Mumbai

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'The first hotel in the world to be ‘LEED® Platinum’ certified in the Existing Building category'
'Bukhara receives the Times Food Award 2015 for'CULINARY HERITAGE''
'Dum Pukht receives the Times Food Award 2015 for 'CULINARY HERITAGE''
'Tian- Asian Cuisine Studio receives the Times Food Awards 2015 for ''NOTEWORTHY NEWCOMER AWARD'''
'Bukhara rated as one of ‘’Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants’’ by S. Pellegrino (2015)'