Welcom Concierge
Welcom Concierge
Welcom Concierge

Thank you for choosing the 'Customize Your Stay' option. If you have made a room reservation at any of the applicable ITC Hotels, you can customize your stay even before you arrive.

Simply log in below with the requisite details and submit your preferences online. Do allow us a minimum of 24 hours to make the necessary arrangements.

Confirmation Number  

Note: Above confirmation number is a five digit alpha numeric code that has been sent to you in your hotel confirmation via email. Kindly do not use website or starwood confirmation numbers.

The online Customize your stay services can not be availed for ITC Gardenia, ITC Windsor, ITC Grand Central, ITC Maratha, ITC Mughal, Sheraton New Delhi, Sheraton Rajputana and Sheraton Park Hotel & Towers currently.

In the event of having misplaced the confirmation number, you may alternatively, fill in the details below.

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