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Committed to creating new benchmarks on responsible luxury, the new signature hotel ITC Grand Chola at Chennai spans every arena of sustainability.
The salient Green Initiatives include:

  • Energy Efficiency
    • ITC Grand Chola achieves a savings of over 40%, when compared to a conventional hotel by installing the following state of the art energy efficiency features –
    • Self owned wind farm of 12.6 MW capacity which caters to 100% electrical energy demand of the hotel.
    • The envelope materials which comprise composite wall assembly, multi glazed windows, and roof top insulation, well exceeds the fenestration standards of ASHRAE / ECBC.
    • A programmable HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) control called the Hartmann loop to increase the efficiency of the system by 20% - for the first time in the country.
    • CO2 Sensor based fresh air handling units operated by IBMS (Integrated Building Management System) leads to optimum guest comfort, while saving energy.
    • Digital Valet System – which ensures customized room climate controls and prevents wastage of energy.
    • Fully automated energy efficient boilers with O2 trimming for enhanced efficiency and low fuel consumption.
    • Programmable computerised lighting controls which provide for the mood lighting in the public areas and the restaurants. Hence, saving electrical energy.
    • Water cooled refrigerants in kitchen refrigeration equipments in place of air cooled equipments to save energy.
    • The CO monitoring based jet fan ventilation system of the basements compared to a conventional ducted system which saves energy.
  • Water Efficiency
    • External pervious areas and green roofs along with water harvesting structures retain 100% of storm water catchment onsite.
    • 100% of the irrigation, flushing, and cooling tower requirements is met through treated effluent.
    • Use of water efficient fixtures reduces the building water use by 35% compared to conventional benchmarks.
    • The landscape area has carefully chosen native, adaptive and low maintenance vegetation species to minimize water requirement. Further, shading of ground covers by trees helps reduce evaporation losses thus reducing water consumption.
    • Drip irrigation and timer based controls for operating the irrigation valves further eliminates the wastage of water.
    • In laundry, the water from last wash is used for the prewash of the subsequent cycle. Further, use of low alkaline environmental friendly washing liquids helps reduce run time and saves water
  • Sustainable Site Development
    • The hotel is well connected by public transportation. The bus stations, the Guindy railway station and the Metro Rail corridor collectively offer a quantifiable reduction in private automobile use by the associates.
    • The project is located in a prime urban area, with existing infrastructure.
    • 100% of the car-parking is located under cover, reducing paved areas onsite to eliminate heat island effect.
    • The roof is a combination of green roof, reflective paints and high SRI finish on domes to reduce thermal gradient differences after sunlight hours.
    • 100% recycling of waste generated by hotel operations by waste segregation at source and utilization for useful purposes. An onsite organic waste converter capable of converting 100% of organic waste produced per day into manure is put up.
    • There is a Comprehensive virtual training program, and green education to create awareness among all stakeholders.
  • Indoor Environment Quality
    • All zones of the hotel are designed to have a ventilation rate that is an improvement over ASHRAE standards, by at least 30%.
    • More than 90% of the building occupants are provided with the ability to control the lighting system to suit individual task needs.
    • More than 50% of the building occupants are provided with the ability to control thermal comfort as per one’s preferences.
    • Low emitting materials are used in all finishes.
  • Sustainable Materials and Purchasing
    • Green housekeeping materials that are Greenseal certified used.
    • Over 10% of the building material value of the project is comprised of recycled raw materials.
    • About 17% of Portland cement by weight has been replaced by flyash in the site construction.
    • Over 40% of the building material value of the project is comprised of materials manufactured and extracted within 800 km.
    • Over 5% of the building material value of the project is made of plant products that are typically harvested within a 10 year span or shorter.
    • Over 50% of the wood products used in the project are from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests.

    A quintessential exemplar of ultra-luxury, powered solely through renewable energy -
    World's largest 'LEED® Platinum' certified hotel in the New Construction category.

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    An iconic luxury hotel that leverages sustainable business practices -
    33% less water consumed against LEED® benchmarks.

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    A perfect confluence of green luxury and impeccable service -
    Consumes 22% less energy than US EPA's benchmark for large size Luxury Hotels.

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    Unmatched luxury delivered sustainably through intelligent design & technology -
    Asia's First 'LEED® Platinum' certified Green Hotel.

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    100% of the hotel's energy demand is met through self-owned wind farms.Explore

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    Enriching mother nature through indulgent luxury experiences -
    Consumes 48% less water than LEED®'s standard for large size Luxury Hotels.

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    The first Luxury Hotel in the world to earn carbon credits under the carbon trading regime.Explore

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    Delivering the best of luxury in the greenest possible manner -
    100% of the total solid waste is either reused or recycled.

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    Journey through the Pink City with planet positive luxury -
    Over 50% of consumables used are procured locally.

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    Pampering you while we sustaining local livelihoods -
    Significant amount of edible ingredients used are harvested and processed locally.

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