Home to many of the most well-recognised colleges and research institutions in India including a number of public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defence organizations -  everything can be traced easily in Bengaluru.


Blessed with a salubrious climate, gardens & parks - Bangalore is the ideal gateway to India and beyond, offering something for everyone- from music and dance concerts (Western and Indian) to carnivals, conferences and more.

Famous for its beautiful parks, avenues and heritage centers, Bengaluru is the perfect delightful destination for one to visit. An amalgam of modernization and development, the city showcases a hint of its glorious history by its splendid architecture of some of the earliest dynasties in India. The garden city with its several beautifully laid green spaces welcome you to take a break and relax in the lap of nature!


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  • ITC Gardenia

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  • WelcomHotel Bengaluru

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    • With everyone from across the nation trying to become a part of the bustling metropolitan, Bangalore is quite a crowded city. Always ensure that you carry a map with you so that you know the exact routes. 

    • Liveliness- When in Bangalore, you are sure to be impressed by the ‘full of life’ attitude of the city. Plenty of bars and pubs are at your disposal to keep your nightlife buzzing - always select the best option based on its surroundings and local areas.

    • The best season to visit Bangalore is during the winter months when the weather is at its coolest.  It doesn't really get very cold with the lowest temperature dipping to about 10°C. With so many lakes and gardens to visit, sightseeing and outdoor activities are most comfortable at this time

    • The currency in Bangalore is the Indian rupee (INR) therefore, make sure that you carry Indian rupee with you else the airport is home to a 24-hour money change office.

    • Be familiar with the language spoken so that you avoid any sort of hustle-bustle while roaming in the city. People in Bangalore converse in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and English. Phone/calling code of Bangalore is  +91 080

    • Like any metropolis, the traffic in Bangalore is a force to reckon with. However, the Bangalore Metro has certainly helped ease commuter woes.

    • Travel with flex travel time on the front end but especially back end of your visit. This’ll reduce your frustration if there happens to be any delays.

    • Be aware of political and labour union protest. Don’t accidently get caught up.

    • Bangalore, like any other major city of the world provides all the facilities to the tourists to take them around the city of numerous Cab companies offering rental cars with chauffeurs.

    • Bangalore is good for health for most people. However there are two categories that needs warning: the daily range of temperature variation is large which affects some people. Further, people susceptible to acute respiratory allergies and asthma may face problems in the flowering season. There are several good hospitals and a large number of nursing homes in Bangalore.





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