Kolkata - the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal, is the principal commercial, cultural, and educational centre of East India. Located on the East Bank of the Hooghly river, the Port of Kolkata is India's oldest sole major riverine port. India’s second-biggest city the world, Kolkata as of 2011 had 4.5 million residents.

Regarded as India’s intellectual and cultural capital, Kolkata has been nicknamed the City of Palaces and also the City of Joy. City of Palaces comes from the numerous palatial mansions built all over the city and City of Joy comes from the lively, friendly and loving behaviour of all the citizens all over the places making the city more lively and enjoyable.

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    • The best time to visit Kolkata is from November to February, after the monsoon, when the weather is the coolest and temperatures range from around 25-12 degree Celsius.

    • Whenever going out to explore the city, make sure you keep some extra time in hand. During Monsoon, traffic tends to get worse in Kolkata as there are chances that  you may end up reaching late at your desired destination. 

    • Power cuts are frequent during summertime in Kolkata. They happen without warnings so please do keep yourself ready for the power cuts in Kolkata. Keep the candles, matchbox and mosquito coils always ready.

    • Drink bottled water (always check to confirm that the seal has not been broken). Do NOT drink tap water or any water served in a restaurant in a glass unless you saw it being poured from a sealed bottle.

    • The easiest way to travel around Kolkata is to take a taxi. For getting around the city center, Kolkata's historic trams are useful. 

    • Although the people of Kolkata are warm and friendly, a great deal of poverty still remains, making begging and scams a problem.

    • Kolkata is subject to frequent political and industrial action that bring the city to a complete standstill. Be aware of political and labour union protest. Don’t accidently get caught up.

    • Be familiar with the language spoken so that you avoid any sort of hustle-bustle while roaming in the city. 

    • People in Kolkata converse in Bengali, Hindi and English. Phone/calling code of Kolkata is  +91 33

    • The currency in Kolkata is the Indian rupee (INR) therefore, make sure that you carry Indian rupee with you else the airport is home to a 24-hour money change office.



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