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ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru


An Exquisite Italian Sojourn at Ottimo Cucina Italiana

Posted by: Skinnygirldiariez On Monday, August 29, 2016


Tags: Dining

There are so many Italian restaurants in the city, from affordable to fine dining. And the city dwellers can get very picking with where they like to dine. With endless choices for food lovers like me, it just boils down to authenticity and the passion along with customer service, that each of the restaurants display, that make it a Winner!


Ottimo Cucina Italiana located at ITC Gardenia in Bangalore is a  gem and has been making waves since its inception not only in Bangalore but now branched out to Delhi and Chennai. Food lovers alike have rated this as top notch for Italian Cuisine. I am not just saying this as I was invited to an exclusive tasting, but I have dined at this restaurant many times and the Chef’s know exactly what I like. For those who have dined at Ottimo, would vouch for it, as the recipes are as genuine and Master Chef Grecco Vittorio prides himself, yet very humble, for having served the very best of Italian Cuisine.


I have known Chef Grecco Vittorio, since he came over to Bangalore a couple of years ago to set up Ottimo, and his passion for serving the best is still evident, that spark has not left him since the first day I got introducted to him. All he can talk about is food and then some more and how to improvise and make it more flavorful and appealing. He has not deviated from this, and stays true to serving authentic Italian cuisine and also ensure there is no monotony!

What’s in my Glass? Italians love their wine, to go with their meals. There is no hard or fast rule as to which wine goes well with what type of food. But one rule of thumb to follow and shall always apply is: red wine is paired best with red sauces and white wine with white sauces. To prepare my appetite, I chose the KRSMA Chardonnay to begin with yet its floral notes, kept me sated through the evening and went well with every dish I eaten.


What’s on my Plate? We begin with the Antipasti. Parmigiana Revisitata Con Olio Al Carbone – Trio of aubergine, tomato, Parmesan mousse with fresh Aubergine Salad, Parmesan crisps and drizzle of charcoal oil – Just looking at this dish, my mouth started to salivate, and just like the way it looked, it translated onto the palate just the same.

Insalata Di Gaberi Con Burrata E Cipolla Bruciata In Salsa Di Pomadori Rosa – This is a warm Prawn Salad With Brurrata Cheese, Pink Tomato Dressing, Mesclum Greens, Edible Flower, Fish Roe And Burnt Onion. Edible Flowers, are so in these days, they make the dishes look so appealing. The prawn was just cooked to perfection and the entire dressing had zing!

Le Nostre Zuppa – Soup of the day Zuppa Di Patate E Porri Con Capesante E Tagliatelle Di Seppie – A simple broth with Scallop, Cuttlefish Tagliatelle, Potato and Leek soup, with a dash of extra virgin olive oil. I love sea food, and I emptied the entire bowl clean. Soul food, recommended if you are not allergic to sea food.

Paste E Rissotti Risotto Al Prosecco Con Coscia D’anatra Confit – Then indulgence of risotto rice and morsels of confit duck heightened with effervescence of Prosecco. Melt in your  mouth this dish! The duck meat just fell off the bone. The rissotto was just cooked to perfection. Highly recommended.

Tortellacci Burro Gamberi E Acciughe Con Crema Di Cavolfiori – This was a surprised dish, an inside out ravioli if you will, this has to be eaten whole, as the liquid centered seafood tortelli with butter with cauliflower puree, just bursts with exotic flavors in your mouth.

Secondi  – Main Course. Raviolli Doppi – Mushroom and truffle scented ricotta double stuffed into the ravioli – This wonderful work of art, was just divine, each bite tempted me to dig into it over again, till my plate was just clean. The chef has out done himself with this one and I have to highly recommend you try it!

Gamberi Imperiali Alla Livornese – Milanese reinvented livornesea styled King Prawns with fresh tomato parsley, capers and olive dust, this one, I just adore, if I am at Ottimo, the Chef’s know I am a succor for Prawns and it never ceases to delight my taste buds. Highly recommend.

Stinco Dagnello Alla Milanese Con Risotto Croccante A Ll Sua Midollo – Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, Milanese Style, With Crispy Safroon Risotto, Marrow Crumble, Sauteed Vegetable, Parsley And Lemon Gremolata. The meat just fell off the bones, again another dish that aces!

Torta Caprese with Vanilla Burst –  An exquisite looking dish to begin with, the shiny chocolate ball, was doused with hot chocolate lava, and as you can see it just melts to create a masterpiece, the white chocolate filling and vanilla, left me in a state of nirvana.

Pannacotta con carpaccio di frutta – Invisible pannacotta, as its called a famous Italian dessert, which is made of sweetened cream thickened with gelatin and molded into shapes, just as its name, the fruity flavours along with the creamy texture, just tasted wonderful.

I had slipped into food coma and was so stuffed, that I had trouble getting of my seat. But we still had some time to finally catch up the Chef and I, as I sipped my wine, we got into some light banter – Chef Vittorio highlighted how Italians and Indians were very similar, in more ways than one, especially how dining is a large family affair when it comes to cooking where everyone gets involved, and we just love to eat. Let’s raise a toast to that!

And as compulsion, I need my selfies with the Chef’s – Chef Grecco Vittorio and Chef Sasha Fernandes, agreed to strike a pose.

have to say my taste buds were transported to Italy and highly recommend you experience dining here, do let me know via your comments below about your take on this exquisite Italian restaurant is. Stay tuned for more on What’s on my Plate?

About Chef Grecco Vittorio – Started his career over 25years ago, and learnt all that he could from his Mother. His passion and love for cooking grew over the years and he specialized in Italian cuisine. His aim is to bring the rich authentic culture of Italian Cuisine, served fresh on a plate. Served with only the finest ingredients locally or sourced internationally. Chef Vittorio is the Italian Master Chef, and runs three restaurants for ITC Hotels under the brand name Ottimo – Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai. He is a member of the Italian worldwide Chefs Association. If he is not cooking Italian food, he can be found gorging on some infamous dal bukhara.

About Ottimo Cucina Italiana – Ottimo, which translates to ‘excellent’, is the signature Pan-Italian dining experience that celebrates quintessential Italian dishes prepared from the finest local and imported ingredients.  It is a unique offering of modern and contemporary cuisine while ensuring the traditional elements of Italian cuisine are not compromised.

About ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru – ITC Gardenia embodies the splendors of Nature.This luxury hotel in Bengaluru was built as a tribute to the beautiful city of Bengaluru, and inspired from the magnificent gardens of the City. The Hotel is conveniently located in the commercial heart of Bengaluru and is in close proximity to key business districts and IT hubs of Bengaluru. This luxury hotel in Bengaluru is equipped with 292 Luxury rooms and suites offering the discerning business and leisure traveler the best in hospitality and Hotel services .

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