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    Max 2 Adults and 2 children per room
    Maximum 2 Adults per room
    Maximum 2 children per room. Guest/child above the age of 12 years and till the age of 18 years will be considered as an extra occupant at an extra charge



Indulge in a rejuvinating wellness experience that will take your body and mind on a sensory journey into heaven of tranquility. Journey through a majestic land of ancient customs and rituals - and recapture the spiritual and medical legacies of India.

Kaya Kalp spas are deeply rooted in traditional Indian wellness philosophies. Exotic beauty treatments, relaxing massages and ancient Ayurvedic rituals go into creating an experience that is meaningful to each person at a spiritual level. Kaya Kalp - The Spa also offers western style therapies using luxurious products, and an array of hair and beauty services.

With its delightful aromas and relaxing surroundings, the spa's luxurious interriors will launch you on a sensory journey into a haven of peace, tranquility and indulgence.
















Kaya Kalp invites you to indulge in a journey full of tranquillity and relaxation, with the mission to ensure that the customers reap the best benefits of this peacefulness.



Involving a proper analysis of the skin by our professional skin care experts, the Beauty Elixirs contain a healthy skin care regime based on the skin type of our guests.


Involving a proper analysis of the skin by our professional skin care experts, the Beauty Elixirs contain a healthy skin care regime based on the skin type of our guests. Each of our specially designed facials are customised to the specific needs of the individual resulting to a youthful glow of the pampered skin which reflects the inner beauty.

Kaya Kalp Facial (90 min)
Our signature spa facial begins with a deeply relaxing back massage with aromatic oils to balance the mind, body and soul. Using natural ingredients for specific skin types, this facial tries to rebalance the skin to ensure maximum results. Let the therapist’s hands guide you into a meditative state with this luxurious massage that will leave your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and rebalanced.

Absolute Pearl Illuminating Facial (60 min)
An excellent solution for those skin types that need to restore their glow. This illuminating oxygenating treatment is enriched with pearl powder and active natural ingredients which greatly increase skin luminosity and tone while providing a deep antioxidant action.

Action Sublime Facial (60 min)
The perfect facial including a wrinkle reducing action whilst awakening the senses to restore natural energy. An exclusive anti-aging and restructuring treatment which simultaneously contrasts all the aggressions caused by free-radicals, exposure to sun, environmental pollution and biological aging, this facial promises to reduce the signs of time, retrieving luminosity and tone of skin.

Active Performance Facial (75 min)
This active purifying facial treatment is designed to keep the skin looking healthy, young and clear. Using deep cleansing products, the Active Performance Facial ensures to remove impurities, promote hydration and restore balance, leaving the skin with a clarifying matte finish.

Recover Touch Facial (60 min)
Experience and relax at Kaya Kalp as our professional experts promise to deliver you the perfect desired results. Nourishing and soothing treatment for dry or dehydrated skin, the Recover Touch Facial has a concentrate rich in vitamins and antioxidants that construct a protective barrier over the skin. Relax with the luxurious facial massage cream, rich in jojoba oil which leaves the skin profoundly hydrated.

Eye Supreme (15 min)
This multi active rejuvenating eye zone treatment, delivers the best result to all issues regarding eye. The treatment specifically rejuvenates around the eyes, attenuating unsightly swelling, dark circles and expression lines providing deep nourishment and protection against free radicals.


Enjoy a quick but revitalizing getaway with our exclusive 20-minute spa treatments.


20 Minutes to Rejuvenation
Enjoy a quick but revitalizing getaway with our exclusive 20-minute spa treatment. Recognizing the value of your time, Kaya Kalp has customized its therapies to meet the needs of its customers to fit into their busy schedule.

Kaya Kalp Mini Indulgence
The best indulgence to revive your senses and feel fresh after a long tiring day. A soothing massage concentrating on the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms to relieve muscular tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.
Energy Revival
Restoring the natural flow of body energy, this therapy is the perfect option that one can ask for! As the name suggests, the Energy Revival ancient healing therapy stimulates the pressure points of your feet, restoring the natural flow of body energy.

Soothing Touch
Let the healing hands of our therapist de-stress you. This intensive neck, shoulder and scalp massage uses a therapeutic hot stone to target the tight knots and alleviate muscle stiffness.

Express Escape
This unique treatment focuses /stronon select vital points to relax sore muscles in the upper body including the face, scalp, neck and shoulders. Having innumerable positive qualities, the Express Escape helps relieve headaches, eye-strain, sinus pressure, nasal congestion and insomnia.


Ayurveda meaning “Science of life” refers to the old Indian holistic tradition of uniting the mind, body and spirit.


Ayurveda meaning “Science of life” refers to the old Indian holistic tradition of uniting the mind, body and spirit. These wellness-enhancing rituals are uniquely designed to detoxify, purify, balance well-being and energy to the body and mind. They release physical tension by harmonising the energies, and deeply nourishing the body to the core, bringing tranquility and peace to every cell of the body. The Ayurvedic treatments are chosen specially to meet the specific needs according to dosha of every individual.

Ayurveda Consultation (10 min)
Based on individual ‘dosha’, the Ayurveda Consultation is the best consultation that one can ask for! It is recommend before enjoying one of our traditional Ayurvedic Rituals, that you should spend at least 10 minutes with our Ayurvedic Specialist who will customise your treatment according to your specific dosha.

Abhyanga (60 min)
The perfect way to relax the body and allow the mind to drift away.Using the long stroke technique, a traditional Abhyanga massage is performed by two therapist’s. This offering is a delightful way to indulge in a journey of pure rejuvenation, using a traditional blend of medicinal oils to awaken the inner wisdom.

Shirodhara Therapy (60 min)
Shirodhara is a significant therapy working through the deepest levels of one’s being. In this, flow of warm medicated oil is poured continuously on the forehead, helping to connect and rejuvenate the energy systems within the body. This specialised treatment helps to improve blood supply, by increasing supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues thereby promoting unblocking of nerve impulses to help relieve tension.

Hot Herbal Poultice Massage (60 min)
This centuries-old treatment consists of a therapeutic massage using warm poultices filled with healing herbs and spices from Asia. Warm oils are drizzled over your body, followed by a special massage with slow rhythemic movements utilising the poultice. The fragrant therapeutic nature of the oils, poultice and massage creates a heavenly, sumptuous experience that leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and wonderfully relaxed.

Pizhichil (60 min)
The best option to choose from a variety of choices – the Pizhichil transfers you to a world of utmost relaxation. In this procedure, oil is poured on the whole body continuously in a special pattern. Effective in pain and stiffness of the limbs and joints, this therapy helps in curing general weakness after illness.

Ayurvedic Body Scrub (45 min)
The best getaway after a full day of hardwork! The Ayurvedic Body Scrub, is a scrub that is mixed with medicinal oil based creams and herbal scrubbers. Followed by hot sponging, this scrub is the perfect way to make our guests feel pampered.

Revitalizing Body Treatments

Enjoy the moments of bliss with our carefully selected body treatments

Revitalizing Body Treatments

Enjoy the moments of bliss with our carefully selected body treatments. In ancient India, it is traditional to prepare the body through a cleansing ritual. To honour this tradition, Kaya Kalp has created various body scrubs and envelopments to help cleanse the body and improve skin tone.

Pomegranate Sugar Scrub (40 min)
Revive your body and discover your ancient soul with an exotic exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise your senses. Kaya Kalp’s signature blend of exotic Pomegranate, Milk, Lemon skin and Brown Sugar deeply cleanses, polishes and softens the body to perfection.

Indian Aromasoul Rice Exfoliation (40 min)
This exfoliation therapy is specially made to take our guests through a sensorial journey for body and spirit. Including a unique blend of Basmati Rice, essential oils and natural extracts inspired by the Indian culture and tradition, this rejuvenating journey for body and spirit is a renewing body ritual bestowing nourishment, youth and splendour to all skin types.

Himalayan Clay Body Envelopment (90 min)
Experience an intense purifying wrap using Himalayan Clay and essential oils to detoxify, purify, heal and tone. The Himalayan Clay Body Envelopment at Kaya Kalp offers a relaxing scalp massage during the treatment, concluding with an application of their signature aroma blend moisturiser, leaving our guests fully satisfied and content.

Revitalising Mud Wrap (90 min)
A perfect solution for sore, tired and aching muscles – The Revitalising Mud Wrap has a lot to offer! Including an exclusive thermal mud treatment with the combination of active ingredients such as algae, essential oils and healing waters, this wrap helps relieve fluid retention. The detoxifying and reducing action of this therapy is excellent for curing problems related to sore, tired and aching muscles.


Kaya Kalp through its massage rituals takes you on a journey of total relaxation and rejuvenation.


Kaya Kalp through its massage rituals takes you on a journey of total relaxation and rejuvenation. Relax your mind, body and soul with one of our mystic massages that help increase circulation, removing physical tension, nourishing the skin, leaving you with a sense of total well-being, peacefulness and contentment.

Kaya Kalp Massage (60/90 min)
Designed to relax the entire body, our signature massage is focussed on relieving muscular tension while combining wonderful soothing strokes for the ultimate massage. This powerful aroma-therapeutic massage incorporates dynamic blends of essential oils personalised according to your specific needs; choose from:
*Stress Soother: Soothe and relax with a ‘destress’ calming blend of Mysore Sandalwood
*Healing: Uplift, detoxify and renew your zest for life with a blend of Lime and Ginger
*Muscle Ease: Ease away tired and aching muscles with a muscle easing blend of warming Eucalyptus and Black Pepper

Hot Stone Massage (100 min)
This therapeutic massage with volcanic stones de-stresses your entire being, releasing tension, fatigue and pain, resulting in blissful relaxation. This treatment begins with a lymphatic drainage massage with luxurious blended oils followed by a hot stone massage.

Tension Reliever Massage (30 min)
The ideal massage to relax the tension retaining areas of the back, neck and shoulders. Soothe away the stresses of the day with the Tension Reliever Massage - a perfect way to start your holiday or relax after a busy day at the office.

Gemstone Massage (60/90 min)
This exquisite massage has been exclusively created by our team of spa experts to provide you with the ultimate in pure spa relaxation. Indulge in a state of complete relaxation as Kaya Kalp’s professionally trained therapists provide an amazing lymphatic drainage massage utilising the gemstones along with natural aromatic Indian blends. This treatment revitalises the mind, eliminates tension and inspires total rejuvenation.


With a variety of Indian Head Massage options to indulge in, the Beauty Essentials promises to take you through a relaxation process.


With a variety of Indian Head Massage options to indulge in, the Beauty Essentials promises to take you through a relaxation process that you will remember for a long time to come! Including natural elixirs, the treatments promise a satisfying experience to all its guests.

Japapatti Treatment for Dry, Thin and Dull Hair (30 min)
Allow your hair, body and senses to be taken away with the natural elixirs at Kaya Kalp where the healing properties of rich coconut milk, pure coconut oil, hibiscus, and japapatti leaves will leave your hair looking and feeling hydrated, silky, strong, nourished and revitalised with a radiant shine.

Sugandha Treatment for Colour Enhanced Hair (30 min)
This is an intensive treatment that literally “shocks” dull, dry and chemically processed hair back to life. Excellent after any chemical treatment to replenish lost moisture, the treatment utilises organic Vetiver, Jasmine flowers, Indian spikenard and coconut oil that lets your hair shine more brilliantly than ever before.

Bhringraj Treatment for Special Conditions (30 min)
Ensuring the best treatment for hair problems, the Bhringraj Treatment for special conditions is the best that one can opt for! Our specialists prescribe the best personalised, specialty treatments to cure and heal the stubborn discomfort that are related to hair. The Bhringraj treatment involves Ayurvedic herbs that help deal with conditions such as hair loss, dandruff, pre-mature greying, chlorine build-up and psoriasis. Our natural products act as a fountain of life for your hair while relieving the hair from daily environmental stress.



  • What to Wear

    We provide our guests with robes and slippers to wear while visiting our spas, we also ensure safety by providing a assigned locker to store the personal belongings. Our professionally trained therapists make sure that a level of comfort is maintained by appropriately draping areas of the body that are not a focus of the treatment. We require that swimming attires be worn in all whirlpool, infrared cabin and steam facilities.

  • Cancelling a Spa Reservation

    We request that all guests using the spa extend a four hour cancellation notice to avoid a 50% surcharge. A ‘no show’ will incur a 100% surcharge. 

  • Infrared, Sauna or Steam

    Infrared, sauna or steam are beneficial facets of the spa hotel experience, but should always be used in moderation. Proper usage time will vary, but there are some general guidelines that most individuals who are in good health can follow. If you are looking to warm-up and relax your muscles, we recommend 12-15 minutes in the dry heat of the infrared cabin. The wet heat of the steam room is effective in opening pores and awakening the respiratory system; for this, we recommend a five to six minute time frame. It is essential to follow the guidelines after having each heat treatment, you must always follow with a cold shower to ensure the body temperature is regulated. 

  • Personal Preferences

    Whether it is the room temperature or the level of massage pressure, please communicate your preferences to the therapist so that he or she can make your time with us a special experience.

  • Payment

    We accept all major credit cards and cash. You may also charge spa services to your hotel room. 

  • Storing Valuables

    Lockers will be provided to all guests using the facility, but if you feel more comfortable, we recommend that you leave valuable personal items in the safe of your guest room, or in one of the safe deposit boxes at the front desk of the hotel.

  • Spa Treatment Selection

     A full menu of spa treatment offerings is listed on the website of our hotel. If you feel you would like assistance in choosing a service, we recommend calling the spa directly and speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff members. A discussion with our reception staff can often help you decide between specific types of spa treatment offerings depending on whether your goal is simply relaxation or more therapeutic in nature.

  • Alcoholic Beverages and Spas

    We recommend that you do not consume alcohol before, during or immediately after your spa treatments.

  • Therapist Gender

    Please feel free to request either a male or female therapist for your treatment. However, we would like to bring to your notice that all our therapists are professionally trained and will offer you the highest standard of service with continuous consideration for your comfort level.

  • Age Minimum

    Guests must be at least 16 years of age to experience a spa treatment.

  • Late Arrival Time

    We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time; however, if a late arrival is unavoidable, please call to notify the spa receptionist when possible. Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment, as we must complete your service by the designated end-time in order to appropriately accommodate the next guest.

  • Special Health Considerations

    If you have health concerns or are pregnant, please be sure to notify our spa staff when booking your treatment. Our reservationists can offer guidance as to which treatments will be the most beneficial and those that should be avoided due to physical limitations or sensitivity.

  • Shaving

    Generally, shaving is not recommended prior to any treatment or hair removal services. However, it is recommended that men shave prior to a facial treatment at least 2 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

  • Gratuities

    Our spa associate is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and creating a memorable spa experience. We do not levy a service charge at the spa, however gratuities for these efforts is an accepted norm in India and a 10% gratuity is considered adequate and can be either given directly to the staff member, or extended at the front desk of the spa facility.

  • Feedback

    If your experience at our spa has not met your expectations, we request that you speak with the spa manager or manager on duty before leaving the facility.